The perfect technical author

The perfect technical author can:

  • act as a novice user member of the target audience of the product
  • be an expert in understanding all aspects of the product
  • be technically adept in the technologies needed to deliver the information to users
  • create content in a way that is organised & repeatable, managed & sustainable, while working in a environment that is often ad hoc and chaotic
  • manage and deliver projects on time, relying on colleagues who do not report to them
  • round up all the useful and relevant content written by others about the product and then present it in a meaningful and useful way
  • write clearly and unambiguously in many languages, and
  • can measure the value of the work they produce (to the organisation and the users).

6 thoughts on “The perfect technical author

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  4. I’m not so sure about “write clearly and unambiguously in many languages.” That’s a pretty rare capacity! How about “write prose that can be translated into multiple languages.”

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