Our slides from the Build your Docs career event

You can download a PDF copy of the slides from Ellis’ presentation last week at the “Build your Docs career: All-Day Event, in partnership with GDS”. Here’s the link: Slides from Build your Docs career event The presentations were recorded, and they will be available in the next week or two. We also covered this… Read more »

Podcast 36: Creating a developer portal, being Agile, and using Lean. Interview with Stella Crowhurst, Worldpay.

In this episode of the Cherryleaf Podcast, we talk to Stella Crowhurst, Content Strategy Director at ‎Worldpay. We discuss: How Worldpay reduced complexity in the developer experience by combining multiple properties in a single portal. How Worldpay uses Lean methods to develop documentation within an Agile development environment. The new tool Worldpay is building in-house that… Read more »

Transcript of our podcast episode on how to assess a Technical Author when you’re recruiting

Below is a transcript of our podcast episode 34, called “How to assess a technical communicator when you’re recruiting”: Welcome to the latest episode in the Cherryleaf podcast. My name is Ellis Pratt. And today I’d like to talk about an event that’s coming up called “Build your docs career”, which is a one-day conference… Read more »