New software updates from Adobe

Adobe has officially released the Adobe Technical Communication Suite (2017 release) including the new 2017 releases for Adobe FrameMakerFrameMaker Publishing Server (2017 release) and RoboHelp. It has also released the 2.0 Release of XML Documentation Add-On for Adobe Experience Manager.

There have been a lot of improvements to the usability of the applications, reducing the number clicks required to carry out tasks.

For both FrameMaker and RoboHelp, Adobe has continued its developments in publishing HTML 5 output and personalised Help content. RoboHelp has a new, frameless Responsive HTML5 layouts that offer more intuitive navigation, and the ability to filter content dynamically. There is also a significantly improved search, which now has autocomplete.

It’s good that Adobe has focused on improving the usability this time – for Technical Authors and for the end users. It must be tempting to keep adding more to an application, when the best gains can be from improving what already exists.

Webinar: The changing nature of content

You’re welcome to join us on our upcoming free webinar, “The changing nature of content”, which will be held at 7pm (GMT+1) on 24th April 2013.

In recent years, technical communicators have focused on improving User Assistance through new technologies and systems, with the assumption that the nature of the content the tone of voice, the writing style ­ should remain the same. In this free webinar, sponsored and hosted by Adobe, we’ll investigate whether the tried ­and tested writing methods from past decades still make sense today. We’ll look at the reasons why some organisations are “breaking the rules” with the User Assistance they provide.

The registration details will be posted to the Adobe online events Web page in the next few days.

Adobe announces Technical Communication Suite

One of the newsworthy items from last week’s Online Help Conference Europe 2007 was Adobe’s announcement of the Adobe Technical Communication Suite. This suite will contain FrameMaker, RoboHelp, Captivate and Acrobat 3D, and it will cost $1599 (a 56% saving over the full price).

You can upgrade for $643 (less if you are previous 3D user), if you have:

* Any FrameMaker version or any version of MacroMedia or Adobe RoboHelp, RoboHelp Office, RoboHelp Office for .Net or RoboInfo,

* Captivate version 2 or 3.

The suite will be available for purchase in mid – late October.

Adobe news

Adobe has released FrameMaker 8. New features include support for: Unicode; DITA (now built-in, but you’ll need to work out how best to migrate your legacy content); Flash integration. There are also enhancements to: conditional text; filter by attribute; track text edits.

Adobe has also released three patches for RoboHelp 6 and a security patch that applies to Adobe RoboHelp 6 and older versions.

The RoboHelp 6 patches fix these issues:

  • Error, “Internal error encountered, Failed to generate WebHelp.” when you generate a merged project.
  • Generic Windows crash error message when you export Microsoft HTML Help from Adobe RoboHelp 6.
  • When you import a HTML file into RoboHelp, it automatically changes the HTML title tag to match the file name.