Cherryleaf 2017 European technical communicators survey results – Part 2 UK Salaries

Here are some more findings from our recent survey of European technical communicators. These relate to UK salaries. Most of the people who responded to our survey were based in the UK, so we are able to look at these in more detail than other countries.

UK salaries

We asked people to describe their seniority levels: Junior, Line staff/Standard, Senior/Team Lead, and Manager. These are often a key factor in the salary someone earns.

LevelSalary (Mean)
Line staff/Standard£37,826
Senior/Team Lead£50,982
Documentation Manager£49,620

Excluding managers, the mean was £45,338.

Are the figures accurate?

The sample size was fairly small (n=61), so  we do need to look at this information with some caution.

Data on the Technical Author salaries offered on the main IT jobs boards in the six months to August 2017 show a UK median annual salary of £50,000 (with a median of £47,000 for jobs offered outside of London). They also show a 25% increase in median salary offered (17.5% increase for jobs offered outside of London) since August 2016. That’s based on 167 job adverts – again a fairly small population. We also need to bear in mind the salaries in job vacancies can be higher than those for people who have been a job for a long time, and the number of Technical Author job adverts has decreased in the last 24 months.

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Cherryleaf 2017 European technical communicators survey results – Part 1

Here are some of the findings from our recent survey of European technical communicators. These relate to skills and experience. We’ll look at the findings in more details on the Cherryleaf podcast, and we’ll post the data on salaries in later blog posts.

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Salary Survey Results - summary

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Take part in the Cherryleaf 2017 European salary survey

It’s been a while since our last survey of technical communicator salaries. So we thought it was time we conducted a new one.

We have contracted with QuestionPro, an independent research firm, to field your confidential survey responses. All responses will remain confidential and secure.

The questions will help us learn if salary levels correlate to factors such as age, gender, education, or levels of seniority.

We’ll publish the results on this blog.

Please use this link to complete the online survey:

Take part in the Cherryleaf 2017 European salary survey

What can LinkedIn tell us about the number of Technical Authors in the UK?

As there are no official statistics recording the number of people employed as Technical Authors in the UK, we have to make some educated guesses to get a sense of the size. Searching LinkedIn might provides some useful information.

In LinkedIn’s advanced search page, if we search the job title field for Technical Author, LinkedIn states there are 5,297 people who match this search. This would include past job titles as well as current job titles. Searching on just current job titles, LinkedIn provides 2,109 results for Technical Author. Searching on just past job titles, LinkedIn provides 2,528 results for Technical Author. It’s not clear why those two figures don’t add up to 5,297.

One of the difficulties is that people use a variety of different job titles. In addition to the 2,109 results for Technical Author, we can add the people who have these current job titles in the UK:

  • Technical Writer – 603
  • Technical Communicator – 28
  • Information Developer –  21
  • Documentation Manager – 394

That makes a total of 3,155.There may be other job titles people are using in addition to these, which would increase the numbers further.

There were over 19 million registered LinkedIn users in the United Kingdom, as of the 3rd quarter of 2015 (source), out of a UK working population of 30 million people (source), which means it’s unlikely every Technical Author has a profile on LinkedIn.

It seems reasonable to conclude there are more than 3,200 Technical Authors in the UK, but possibly not more than 5,000.