Webinar – Planning user documentation when you’re a startup business

We’re currently working on 40 minute webinar on:

  • Planning user documentation when you’re a startup business

If you have any questions on this topic, you can email these to us prior to the event. We’ll do our best to make sure we address them in the webinar.

Send us an email with your question

Details on the date for this webinar will be published in the Events section of the Cherryleaf Web site.


We’re planning to host some webinars. Which topics would you like us to cover?

We’re planning to host some more webinars in the upcoming weeks and months, relating to assisting users and staff, technical communication and developing content.

Which topic(s) would you like us to cover? Please let us know.

Here is a list of our most recent webinars:

We will be presenting a webinar, hosted by MadCap Software, on 14 November 2012:

“Recruiting a Technical Author” webinar recording is now available

The recording of our webinar “Recruiting a Technical Author” is now available for everyone who registered for its live presentation yesterday. It is also available to any organisation that uses Cherryleaf’s recruitment services for hiring a technical author.

This twenty minute presentation covers:

  • What are the key skills to look for in a Technical Author?
  • What are the key personality traits in successful Technical Authors?
  • What is the salary range you should offer?
  • Where do you find good candidates?

“Delivering documentation in a downturn” webinar recording is now available

A re-recording of our webinar “Delivering documentation in a downturn” is now available to purchase for a nominal fee via our online shop.

This 30 minute presentation is for people who must manage documentation projects with limitations on their budget and personnel.

Among the things it covers are:

  • How the recent economic downturn and signs of recovery have affected the way some organisations deliver user assistance.
  • What you can do when “nice to have” is no longer on the agenda.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t schedule the live webinar at a time that suited everyone. Some people were so keen to attend, that they listened in at 4 o’ clock in the morning their time.

Access is for 90 days. Payment in £, US $ and € EUR is accepted.

See Delivering documentation in a downturn recording