Cherryleaf’s content design and content strategy services

Download our free illustrated guide to content strategyMany organisations find it takes too long to create and publish information, and they worry meeting the needs for new outputs and multiple languages is going to make it worse.

Cherryleaf can help you prevent and solve issues around how you create, manage and publish content. We are specialists in end-user, technical and procedural information. You’ll get independent advice on getting your content and documentation design, strategy, tools and processes right.


Cherryleaf’s content design and strategy services


You choose how much input you want from us. Cherryleaf can help you with:

Needs analysis and defining the Statement of Requirements

Implementing a pilot project

  • Modelling the content and establishing the information architecture
  • Defining the Information Types, metadata and templates
  • Identifying re-usable content that can be created once and applied many times
  • Importing existing content into the new system
  • Providing content writers, Technical Authors, procedures writers, copywriters and editors to create content

Roll out and Review

  • Providing content writers, Technical Authors, procedures writers, copywriters and editors to create content
  • Establishing processes and procedures for governance
  • Training writers, editors and other staff
  • Establishing Style Guides, voice and tone, terminology databases and other standards

Facilitated workshops

Facilitated workshops can help you get your project on track, develop your team’s skills and prioritise the most important activities. Workshops work really well in getting everyone onboard – for example, their roles and responsibilities, how to produce content, and the timescales for deliverables.

Cherryleaf training - classroom

Workshops can help you can make progress on areas such as content planning, the information design, the users’ needs and the project goals, as well as standards and best practices.

Case studies


We created a solution for a software company based in Hungary that enables them to create hundreds of API user guides, which they can publish as PDFs or online. By using a wiki-based content system, we’ve been able to work collaboratively, across different countries. Previously, documents were written in Word. They took a long time to create, and were inconsistent. With the new system, repeated information, such as legal disclaimers and office addresses, are stored in a single location. As a result, it is much easier and faster for them to create new documents. They are now also able to offer to their customers customised manuals, adapted to their bespoke configurations.

More case studies

 A vendor-neutral approach

Techcomm user's hierarchy of needsCherryleaf takes a vendor-neutral approach, which means you get objective advice as you go through the key stages.

It’s very easy to fall in love with new technology or believe a particular piece of software can solve every problem. The starting point should be to know what problems you are trying to solve and subsequently why you need a Content Management System to create User Assistance documentation.

Because we’re not in the business of selling software, working with us means you’ll also learn about the low-cost solutions that are available.

 Free information on content design and strategy

Download our free illustrated guide to content strategy



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