Using Confluence and other wikis for user and procedures documentation

You can call upon Cherryleaf’s skills in developing and creating content in wiki-based Content Management Systems, such as Confluence and MindTouch.

This platforms really work well if you are working in either a dynamically changing environment (such as Lean or Agile) or if you need a way to work collaboratively. One reason is  because they can help reduce bottlenecks and other delays in the writing process. They are also a great way to create User Generated Content – documentation actually created by users – in a controlled and managed way.

Case Studies

Creating API documents with writers located in different countries

We have created a solution, using Confluence, for a software company based in Hungary that enables them to create hundreds of API user guides, which they can publish as PDFs or online. By using a wiki-based content system, we’ve been able to work collaboratively, across different countries. Previously, documents were written in Word. They took a long time to create, and were inconsistent. With the new system, repeated information, such as legal disclaimers and office addresses, are stored in a single location. As a result, it is much easier and faster for them to create new documents. They are now also able to offer to their customers customised manuals, adapted to their bespoke configurations.

Writing field reports in less time

More case studies

Our expertise in Confluence

Cherryleaf has skills in developing and creating content for Confluence based systems, and we’re developing our skills in this area for Mindtouch Technical Communications Suite as well. We’re even mentioned in the book “Confluence, Tech Comm, Chocolate”, a book written by Sarah Maddox, Technical Writer at Atlassian.

The innovative ways in which we are using wikis led to us being were asked to present a case study at the Atlassian User Group in London.

We are also in regular dialogue with the Technical Publications team at Atlassian (the company that makes Confluence), and have been involved in the most recent Confluence Document Sprint.

Isn’t a wiki just a puddle of chaos?

The problem with the word “wiki” is many people think of Wikipedia, with its complicated authoring environment and occasional errors. Not all wikis are like Wikipedia, and some are design specifically for business documents and User Assistance.

There are wikis that don’t look like wikis. They have authoring environments that are closer to Word than Wikipedia. It’s possible to  publish EPUB ebooks, PDFs, Word documents, DocBook files as well as the standard wiki Web pages.

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