Selecting a Component Content Management System (CMS) for end user documentation

Reduce your documentation costs and improve your responsiveness with a Component Content Management System (CCMS)

CMS Implementation key stagesIt can be daunting for Project Managers, Documentation Managers and Technical Authors to develop a strategy for providing User Assistance that meets all their users’ expectations. This is especially true for delivering content to new technologies, such as mobile and the Web .

If you get content management right, with the correct system and process in places, then you can reduce your documentation costs and improve your responsiveness significantly.

How do you establish the ROI and justify the budget? How do know which solution to choose? What improvements will it give you? Are you lagging behind?

Cherryleaf can help you through this process.

Choosing and implementing a Component Content Management System (CCMS)

new model for assisting usersIt’s very easy to fall in love with new technology or believe a particular piece of software can solve every problem. The starting point should be to know what problems you are trying to solve and subsequently why you need a CMS to create User Assistance documentation.

Cherryleaf takes a vendor-neutral approach, which means you get objective advice as you go through the key stages.

Software solutions from £2.50 per writer/year

Because we’re not in the business of selling software, working with us means you’ll learn about the low-cost solutions that can be funded from existing budgets.

You choose how much input you want from us

In an ideal project, you will carry out these steps:

  • Needs analysis
  • Statement of requirements
  • Analysis of available solutions
  • Selection of the solution
  • Pilot implementation
  • Roll out
  • Review

You can call on Cherryleaf to help you at one or more of these stages. If you only want our help to define what it is you need, then that’s fine.

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