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Creating end-user documentation

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Writing policies and procedures

Our clients are based mostly around the UK and continental Europe. If you are based elsewhere, we still may be able to help you.

Why people find technical writing difficult

We all learn how to write essays and reports at school, but few of us are taught how to write business documentation. For example, how to write online Help, business procedures, or training courseware.

To be a successful technical communicator, you need to have a special set of skills. You need to be able to understand what the readers need. You need be able to write clearly – this is really important. You need to understand the subject (we call this “domain knowledge”), and be able to gather information from Subject Matter Experts. You also need to deliver your content on time.

When developers have to write for end users, they have to deal with the “curse of knowledge”. This means when we know something, we find it hard to imagine what it was like not to know it.

On top of all that, you might also need to know how to use the specialist software tools that makes it possible to manage and publish large amounts of content.

The good news is that you can call on people who do have these skills. People like the ones who work at Cherryleaf. Let’s start to solve your problem: use the “Contact Us” button below to tell us about your situation.


Technical writing documentation services

Developing a product or application? Cherryleaf’s Technical Authors and content developers can create the right content for your audience, simply and efficiently.

Creating end-user documentation


Other content for end users

You can also Cherryleaf to create: embedded Help, getting started guides, Knowledge Bases, product datasheets, quick reference guides, reference manuals, tutorials, screencasts and video walkthroughs, and whitepapers.

Creating developer documentation



Business-related writing services

We’ll provide you with content that is easy for staff to understand.

Writing policies and procedures

Cherryleaf writes and updates policies and procedures.

This can include:

  • Writing the content:
    • Policies
    • Processes
    • Procedures (work instructions and tasks)
    • A terminology database
    • Information based on roles and responsibilities
    • Training courseware
  • Publishing the policies and procedures (on paper and online)
  • Creating a simple set of standards (for voice and tone, formatting etc.)
  • Updating existing content
  • Training your staff



Case studies


For examples of what we do, see our case studies.

We see an ongoing role for Cherryleaf as consultants who can help to get better documents out of the vast material we have added to the system. Very importantly, Cherryleaf were able to rapidly respond to our issues with the system and help us understand.

Dave Hughes, HCC Embedded CEO API documentation writing

I worked with Cherryleaf on a project for the European Community made up of a consortium of different companies and nationalities. Their communications skills were excellent and capacity to speak both fluent technical jargon and business English are truly superb.

John Fintan Galvin, IO1 Technical writing services


Useful information on creating great Help content for users

Free guides – Technical writing

There’s a new marketing funnel for software and other technology products. Today, many people tend to search for the solution to their problem on the Web and through Social Media before they buy a product or service, and a lot of them never even touch the product before buying it.

This means all of the information you provide, both pre- and post- sales, needs to provide the same consistent, high quality, experience to the user.

This free course looks at using end-user documentation to reduce the cost of support. There’s a spreadsheet for you to download, so you can modify the figures to match your particular situation.

This decision guide helps you assess whether you need a Technical Author.

Free guides – Business-related writing


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