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You can call upon Cherryleaf’s team of professional business writers to capture critical (but missing) information and improve existing content. Cherryleaf writes and update policies and procedures, turning them into easy to understand and manageable information for your audience.


For Samaritans volunteers, having the information available on the intranet rather than in a manual in their branches, means they can find out what they need to know at any time; the search facility and page style ensures that information can be located and read quickly and easily. For prison staff, this is the first time they will be able to see all of the Samaritans guidelines for running the Listener scheme; this will help to further develop their understanding of the scheme and will support them in facilitating the operation of the scheme in their prison. Samaritans is delighted with the result of the project.

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Discover the secret to writing policies and procedures: The most common issues, and how to fix them

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Are you facing these common issues?

Some of the main problems we hear from organisations are:

  • Your time is tied up with “people issues”, which means you don’t have time any more to deal with managing the business.
  • Word documents get passed around by email with little certainty as to what is the correct and latest version.
  • Important policy and procedure documents aren’t read because staff find them long, complicated and unclear.
  • Processes can get created, communicated and discussed via email, in a way that often resembles a game of “pass the parcel” or Chinese whispers.
  • Important information gets lost when staff leave or change jobs.
  • The content is left to stagnate and become out of date.

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