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Do you suffer from any of these five business communication issues?

  1. The lack of policies and procedures means managers’ time is tied up with people issues, instead of managing the business.
  2. Word documents get passed around by email with little certainty as to which ones are the correct and latest versions.
  3. Policies and procedure documents aren’t read, because staff find them long, complicated and unclear.
  4. Important information gets lost when staff leave or change jobs.
  5. Content is left to stagnate and become out of date.

Cherryleaf writes and updates policies and procedures, turning them into easy to understand and manageable information for your audience.


“For Samaritans volunteers, having the information available on the intranet rather than in a manual in their branches, means they can find out what they need to know at any time; the search facility and page style ensures that information can be located and read quickly and easily. For prison staff, this is the first time they will be able to see all of the Samaritans guidelines for running the Listener scheme; this will help to further develop their understanding of the scheme and will support them in facilitating the operation of the scheme in their prison. Samaritans is delighted with the result of the project.”

Maria Foster

Cherryleaf ‘s policies and procedures writing services

You can call upon Cherryleaf’s team of professional business writers to both capture missing (but critical) information and improve existing content.

Our approach

We start by listening. We want to identify the different audiences and build an information model for the content. A CEO will need a top down view of the organisation. A manager will need to know which activities they are responsible for. A staff member will need to know how to do something correctly.

We also need to establish the relationships between policies. In many cases, someone completing a task will also need to consider health and safety, equality and IT security policies. They don’t want to have four manuals open at the same time, so we also need to identify content that should be embedded inside other topics.

example of an embedded policy

We can use a single sourcing and topic-based authoring approach that gives you the flexibility to adapt the content to best suit your users. For content published online, you can provide different navigation routes and a more personalised experience, to suit different audiences.

Content Writing

You can use Cherryleaf to create the content. This can include:

  • Writing the content:
    • Policies
    • Processes
    • Procedures (work instructions and tasks)
    • A terminology database
    • Information based on roles and responsibilities
    • Training courseware
  • Developing the deliverables (for example: on paper and online).
  • Creating a simple set of standards for voice and tone, formatting etc.
  • Importing existing content
  • Training your contributors and writers, in creating content and using the tools

Information Design

You can use Cherryleaf to help you create:

  • A holistic content plan that covers what content is needed where, what deliverables will be provided, and the purpose of each deliverable:
    • How different deliverables integrate with each other
    • What content can be shared across deliverables
  • The different navigation routes for the content.
    • Creating different navigation routes for specific types of user
    • The categories for different navigation routes
    • Metadata
  • Which tools to use
    • For static documents
    • For living documents that can be updated in an instant

Based in the United Kingdom and serving the world

EU flageBeing based in the UK means we’re ideally placed to work with European companies. We’ll be establishing a presence in an EU27 country, if we need to, in the near future. For clients outside of Europe, for example in the USA and the Middle East, we communicate using video conferencing, email and telephone. The working process remains essentially the same.

Sustaining success

Cherryleaf's projects team establishes long term relationships with many of our customers. Alternatively, Cherryleaf's training courses offer you the option, at the end of the project, of developing the skills to maintain the project in-house. If you want to recruitment someone on a permanent basis, Cherryleaf can help with that as well.

Policies and procedures writing case studies

For an example of our polices and procedures writing, please contact us.

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