Writing Help for mobile apps and tablets

multi-channel Help publishing screenshotWhen the average mobile or tablet app is used just 3-4 times, it’s important users get the Help they need when they have a question or get stuck.

App abandonment is real concern, as software developers invest time and money into developing apps for tablets and mobile devices.

This means there’s a growing recognition from developers (including Apple) for the need to provide some form of User Assistance.

A different form of Help

The abilities and limitations of mobile operating systems mean Help (and other types of User Assistance) is often different to the Help you’ll find in a desktop and even a Web-based application.

You can guide and pre-empt any issues by embedding your Help content into the User Interface of the product. You can use video screencasts to walk users (and prospective users) through the application. You can also include a “first user” interaction splash Help screen, as well as providing a standalone Help guide.

You’ll need to decide which terminology you’ll use for touch interactions (the main three mobile operating systems recommend different words), and how to design your content so it works in portrait and landscape modes.

Need online Help written for your iOS, Android and Windows 8 apps?

If you need to develop Help and other forms of User Assistance for your mobile app, Cherryleaf can help you.

If your Help is going to be part of the User Interface, Cherryleaf can create the content for you. Your users will read information that’s clear and easy to understand, written in a consistent style. We can also edit any text for users that’s been written by your programmers – checking terminology is consistent and improving the clarity of their English.

If you want a standalone Help guide written, Cherryleaf can create the guide for you in HTML5, HTML or another format.

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You have a number of different choices you can make, and you’ll want to explore the different options for creating and delivering any Help content. If you want to discuss these, and how Cherryleaf might be able to assist, do contact us.

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