Writing Help for Cloud-based SaaS applications

The new marketing funnelYour Web-based applications in the Cloud are likely to be used by your customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With SaaS (Software as a Service), users could stop paying for your software overnight.

This means it’s important your users can get the support they need, at any time of the day.

If you need someone with the skills in developing and creating Help for Web-based software applications, Cherryleaf can help.

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User Assistance is changing

You may have noticed many Cloud-based applications provide Help in a different way to desktop applications. The User Assistance can appear in different places, and it often comes with additional capabilities that you don’t see in desktop-based Help.

Today, many people tend to search for the solution to their problem before they buy a product or service. It means your Help content, and other content that is about enabling people to solve their problems, becomes important in turning prospects into customers.

The search engines love the type of information-rich content that online Help contains, because the content is valuable and other Web sites link to it. The result is these pages appear high in search engine rankings.

To discover more, see: How to increase your sales with technical marketing content.


For some Web applications, studies have shown that a different writing style can be more effective than the traditional writing approach seen in more complex and expensive applications. This style uses techniques from usability research to establish a more positive, affective (emotional) connection with users.

The benefits of this approach include:

  • It encourages users to solve problems themselves more often
  • A more positive attitude towards the product.

You have the option to apply this writing style when you work with Cherryleaf.

Re-use the content elsewhere and spread the cost

A new model for assisting usersDocumentation is an fundamental part of a software product’s marketing, sales and technical support strategy, so why not use the information developed for the online Help elsewhere – in the technical support, marketing, Web, sales and training departments?

Equally, if your Support team and other staff are creating User Assistance in other systems (such as Knowledge Bases), why not embed this information into your Help? When they make a change, the relevant section in the Help gets updated as well.

If the Help is developed in a single-sourcing tool (an option we offer), you can write your content once, publish it for many uses and realize huge cost savings.

Your next step

You have a number of different choices you can make, and you’ll want to explore the different options for creating and delivering any Help content. If you want to discuss these, and how Cherryleaf might be able to assist, do contact us.

contact cherryleaf
It's easy to contact us. Here's the contact form.