Writing Help and onboarding screens for Cloud-based SaaS applications

Technical writing and the customer journey - CherryleafWeb-based software, and Software as a Service in general, often use a “try before you buy” and subscription sales model, so it’s vital users don’t get stuck and give up. Users could stop paying for your software overnight.

This means it’s important users get the Help content they need to prevent them getting stuck. Many of the leading Web-based applications use onboarding screens, knowledge bases and Help to support users. Cherryleaf can help you create this content.

Creating onboarding pages

Onboarding screens introduce the application to the user and demonstrate what the product does. These are often the first set of screens with which users interact. They influence the user’s first impression of a product, as well as creating a more pleasant user experience.

Cherryleaf can help you create your onboarding screens – getting the content and the design right for your product and your audience.

Using Help content as a marketing tool

The search engines love the type of information-rich content that online Help contains, because the content is valuable and other Web sites link to it. The result is these pages appear high in search engine rankings. What’s more, many people tend to search for the solution to their problem before they buy a product or service.

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