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Don’t let your users get stuck, and give up using your product

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The Software as a Service model, popular with web applications, promises you lifetime paying customers. However, it can also mean users can stop being a customer overnight.

If you have a “try before you buy” offer, it’s vital your users don’t get stuck and give up.

This means it’s important users get the guidance they need when they start using your software. All of the information you provide, both pre- and post- sales, needs to provide the same consistent, high quality, experience to the user.

Cherryleaf can help. Our Technical Authors and other content developers create onboarding screens, knowledge bases and other Help content. These support your users and prevent them getting stuck.


Using Help content as a marketing tool

Technical writing and the customer journey - Cherryleaf

Many people tend to search for the solution to their problem before they buy a product or service. Online Help can work as a marketing tool, as the search engines love the type of information-rich content that these pages contain.

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Creating onboarding pages

Onboarding screens introduce the application to the user, and demonstrate what the product does. These are often the first set of screens with which users interact. They influence the user’s first impression of a product, as well as creating a more pleasant user experience.

Cherryleaf can help you create your onboarding screens – getting the content and the design right for your product and your audience.


Informal meetings in central London

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If you're planning to be in central London for a Meetup, or for another reason, we can invite you to the exclusive Members' Room of the British Museum for an informal meeting beforehand.

You can also arrange to meet us in the Engineering Hub at the Institution of Electronics and Technology, which is next to Waterloo Bridge. This also has rooms for larger and more formal meetings.

For example, if you're a software company looking for advice on creating Help content, we'd be happy to suggest how to avoid some of the common pitfalls.


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