Cherryleaf technical writing services – Developing online Help and user manuals

multi-channel Help publishing screenshotThe quickest way to bond with a customer is to offer the right answer and a positive service experience, every time. However, it can be difficult to find the time and resources this requirement deserves.

Cherryleaf can help when you need online Help or a user manual written for you, simply and efficiently, and within an agreed schedule and budget.

We can help you provide the right information in the right format, at the right time, and appropriate to your different types of users. This means you’ll keep your software project and costs on track, and you’ll meet your users’ expectations.


“I’m very pleased with the enhancements to the Help System. You created very clear topics for some areas that I find difficult to explain. You also identified a number of ‘bugs’ with the current version that have now been fixed. This just continues to improve the product.”

Bruce McNaughton, CEO, ProcessAssets

Andrew Horder“I had some basic instructions for my new online application, Opportunity Matrix™, but absolutely no idea how to turn them into a proper Help system. Cherryleaf was able to take my rough notes and turn them into a professional Help file. They worked through the application, suggesting appropriate changes where I was making assumptions that would have left users confused.
The information and guidance from Cherryleaf was always top notch, so I always knew exactly where the project was, and what the (quite reasonable) budget needed to be. I shall have no hesitation in using Cherryleaf again, and in recommending them.”

Andrew Horder, CEO, Opportunity Matrix™

One source, many outputs

The single sourcing and topic-based authoring methods we use give you the flexibility to adapt the content to best suit your users. Topics can be published to a range of different outputs, and organised so they provide a more personalised experience for the user.

You can use Cherryleaf for :

  • Developing great deliverables from a single source. For example: a HTML5 knowledge base website, Web-based context-sensitive Help, CHM files and PDF guides.
  • Importing any existing content.
  • Creating a central repository of content that can be re-used. For example, “How to” information and a Glossary of terms.
  • Determining what content can be shared across deliverables.
    • The different navigation routes for the content.
    • The categories for different navigation routes.

Have a preferred authoring tool?

MadCap Flare BoxCherryleaf works with a wide range of authoring tools, and we have close links with the leading Help tool vendors, such as Adobe (makers of RoboHelp) and MadCap Software (makers of Flare). We also work with Markdown-based tools and Microsoft Word.

We can set up the writing process so it suits your needs, standards and technologies.



Online Help can save you money

With up to 80% of the lifetime cost of software occurring after the sale is made, providing good online Help can be more important that you might think. Try out Cherryleaf’s online cost reduction calculator, you can see how much money you could save.

Sustaining success

Cherryleaf's projects team establishes long term relationships with many of our customers. Alternatively, Cherryleaf's training courses offer you the option, at the end of the project, of developing the skills to maintain the project in-house. If you want to recruitment someone on a permanent basis, Cherryleaf can help with that as well.

Your next step

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