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Good API documentation builds developers’ confidence in your product. Developers expect to be able to find the information they need to get things done, code examples they can adapt, and a complete read-through for every function. What’s more, poor documentation can be seen as a sign of a badly-maintained API.

Although it’s possible to generate some API documentation automatically from code or an API specification, it won’t give users the complete picture.

It can be hard to find the time to document your APIs so they are complete, up to date, and of a high quality. With developers used to focusing on details, this can also lead to documentation that lacks the big picture perspective.

Need an API documentation writer?

From our offices near Heathrow and Brighton, Cherryleaf can create the API documentation your developers need and expect, or provide you with a Technical Author to work as part of your team. This can free up your developers, leaving them with more time to do what they do best.


API guide page 

“One of the best ways to increase developers’ awareness of and interest in your product is to make your API as immediately usable as possible. This begins with the documentation.”  Bruno Pedro

Case Study

“The first, laborious, step was to get all the information organized into documents in a structured and modular way. As we complete the process we will want to improve presentational aspects to give a better customer and marketing experience.

We see an ongoing role for Cherryleaf as consultants who can help to get better documents out of the vast material we have added to the system. Very importantly, Cherryleaf were able to rapidly respond to our issues with the system and help us understand. We have no expertise in this and did not want to be stuck on things that experts could solve instantly – Cherryleaf were very responsive in this. “

Fitting in with your existing development workflow

If you want the API content written in Markdown, pushed to Git, or created in another way that fits in with your existing development tools and workflow, we can set up the writing process so it suits your needs. We understand you may want to treat this documentation as code, committing it to source control, and including it in the builds.

Giving your users the documentation they need

Cherryleaf can help you provide the types of information your users need. This can include:

  • Getting started guides and tutorials
  • Conceptual and overview guides
  • Troubleshooting guides
  • API reference guides
  • Authentication and authorisation guides

Others will benefit from being able to see code examples, making it easy for them to integrate your API with their solution.

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