New ways to write and improve Policy and Procedures documents

You need clear, consistent policies in order to run a successful business. Are yours working for you? If not, Cherryleaf can help you.

We write and update policies and procedures, turning them into easy to understand and manageable information for your audience.

Webinar recording: Writing policies and procedures: The most common issues, and how to fix them

Below is the recording of our webinar “Writing policies and procedures: The most common issues, and how to fix them”. The webinar lasts 39 minutes.

Case studies


Cherryleaf has been working with the Samaritans charity to update its manuals. These include consolidating operational policy and procedures into a single online wiki, and creating an online guide for policies relating to reducing suicides in prisons.

“The Samaritans Operations Manual will be one of the most important resources volunteers use to support them to deliver our service. For the first time, all the information they need will be in one place. This will make it so much easier for volunteers to find what they need quickly.”

Miriam Piterkova, Samaritans’ Operations Officer.


Mental health trusts have policies and procedures for ensuring patient records are kept private and confidential – that they are never sent to or seen by the wrong people.

One of the largest NHS Mental health trusts in England asked Cherryleaf to rewrite over 14 policies, processes and procedures in clear and understandable English. We also helped them separate policies (which must be approved at board level) from procedures (which can be set more quickly at departmental level). The result was much smaller and manageable documents – as a result of consolidating policy documents and eliminating repetition.

The feedback so far has been very positive. Staff now have a better understanding of the Trust’s polices and they can find the information, quickly and easily, when they need it. The approach and templates developed by Cherryleaf is now being adopted for other policies and procedures within the Trust.

More case studies

Do you suffer from these problems?

Some of the main problems we hear from organisations are:

  • Word documents get passed around by email with little certainty as to what is the correct and latest version.
  • Important policy and procedure documents aren’t read because staff find them long, complicated and unclear.
  • Processes can get created, communicated and discussed via email, in a way that often resembles a game of “pass the parcel” or Chinese whispers.
  • Important information gets lost when staff leave or change jobs.
  • The information becomes out-of-date, because it’s too difficult to update and publish the information.


Typical benefits include:

  • Give staff information that they can find and understand.
  • Repeat your past successes on a consistent basis, preempt potential disasters and stop relying on just one person to get something done.
  • Minimise the learning curve for people moving to new teams and projects.
  • Save time by not having to rework content that is published in more than one place.
  • Have a method for making changes to this information quickly and easily.
With Cherryleaf’s help, you’ll have the opportunity to deliver this information in as many different ways as you need; for example: in hard copy, wikis, Web pages, ebooks or e-learning courses. Because we’re not in the business of selling software, working with us means you’ll also learn about the low-cost software for creating, managing and publishing content that can be funded from existing budgets – some from £2.50 per writer/year.

Your next step

You have a number of different choices you can make, and you’ll want to explore the different options for creating and delivering any procedures. If you want to discuss these, and how Cherryleaf might be able to assist, do contact us.

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