Dr Alan Rae’s digital marketing content strategy training course

This course is ideal for anyone who needs to improve their digital marketing, content strategy and copywriting skills.
This new online course, developed by Dr Alan Rae, includes new content on telling your story in writing, as well as digital copywriting. Dr Rae is a Fellow, and former Regional Chair, of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Written communication is the foundation of Internet-based marketing – however it’s quite different from conventional copywriting. That’s because you have to allow for people having different reading styles online. You also have to address the issues of Google search and spam filtering when you are writing web pages or email content.

The new course is all about how to write digital marketing content. It comes in four 20 minute modules,  and it includes information from various research projects into what makes digital media attractive to a prospective customer.

The new course will be released in February/March  2013. Contact us if you’d like to be updated on when this course will be released.

Optional mentoring to support the training course

You can reinforce what you have learnt and build on your skills with the optional half or full day’s mentoring with Dr Alan Rae . Contact us for details of this option.

Optional assessment and certificate

For an additional fee, delegates can send their completed assessments to us for review and feedback, and complete a short examination. If you pass, you will receive a certificate.

contact cherryleafThe course is also available as an on-site, classroom course. Contact us for details of this option.