FrameMaker Training Courses

Beginner & advanced, structured & unstructured FrameMaker

If you are a user of FrameMaker and you wish to fully understand the features of this powerful software application, these public courses will give you the skills you need.

What will I learn?

FrameMaker Basic/Intermediate

At the end of this 2-day course you will be able to begin creating and modifying FrameMaker documents confidently.

FrameMaker Advanced

At the end of this 2-day course you will be able to create template documents and build and maintain multi-chapter books together with Tables of Contents and Indexes.

Authoring Structured FrameMaker

At the end of this 2-day course you will be able to create and edit documents using structured FrameMaker templates, and feel confident with the authoring environment and the steps required to produce a valid document instance prior to export to SGML or XML.

Creating EDDs

At the end of this 2-day course you will be able to build an Element Definition Document and link elements using formatting rules to a FrameMaker template. You will also learn how to convert legacy data to a Structured FrameMaker file using a conversion table.

Prerequisites: Completion of the Authoring and Formatting Structured Documents courses, or work experience covering all the topics of these courses.

Working with XML (FrameMaker) Workshop

This is a 4-day summary of all the other structured courses.

Prerequisites: Some experience with XML, DTD’s or FrameMaker is desirable, although not essential.

Topics Covered

FrameMaker Basic/Intermediate
  • Getting Started
  • Choosing a template
  • Creating and Modifying Formats
  • Graphics
  • Tables
  • Footnotes
  • Revising Documentation
  • Page Layout
  • Reference Pages
  • Revision
FrameMaker Advanced
  • Working with Text Flows
  • Variables
  • Text Insets and Cross References
  • Conditional Text
  • Exporting to HTML and using Hypertext Markers
  • Template Creation
  • Tables of Contents
  • Indexing
  • Book Building
  • Colour
  • Equations
Structured FrameMaker Authoring
  • Overview of Structured FrameMaker
  • Getting Started
  • The Structured Environment
  • Working with Text Elements
  • Attributes
  • Importing Files into a Structured Flow
  • Validation
  • Object Elements
  • Table Elements
  • Indexing
  • Book Building
  • Tables of Contents
Importing and Exporting SGML/XML
  • SGML Import/Export Preview
  • Read/Write Rules
  • Elements and Attributes
  • Object Elements – Graphics
  • Tables
  • Entities
  • Importing/Exporting
  • Defining SGML/XML Applications
Creating EDDs
  • What is an EDD?
  • Creating an EDD
  • Defining Container Elements
  • Importing the EDD into a Template
  • Defining Table Elements
  • Inclusions and Exclusions
  • Auto insertions
  • Object Formatting
  • Attributes
  • Text Format Rules
  • Book Building
  • Conversion Tables.
  • Export to HTML

Course documents

Delegates receive a set of printed handouts.

Cost and Dates of Courses



£ ex VAT per delegate

  • 12-13 May


Adobe FrameMaker Basic/Intermediate £450
  • 14-15 May
Adobe FrameMaker Advanced £450
Contact us for dates Designing Case Report Forms (CRFs) with Adobe FrameMaker £500
  • 22-23 May
Authoring Structured Documents (Structured FrameMaker) £550
  • 27-28 May
Creating EDDs £550
Contact us for dates Working with XML (FrameMaker) Workshop £1300

How to book

contact cherryleafYou should contact us to book your place on one of these courses.