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This guide answers the key questions people have when considering a career as a technical author.

Technical writing is an unfamiliar role to many people. Sometimes their response is, “You mean you write those great big manuals I can never understand?”. Today it’s much more than this, with the role covering technical communication using all sorts of media: online Help, Web pages, electronic catalogues and e-learning. Indeed, it’s great being a technical author.

It feels good explaining things since many people struggle with complexity and technology. Technical writing was listed as the 13th best job in America, and it could be the same over here. Technical authors also get the opportunity to get involved with new things and work out how they operate. They get to move between different areas of the business in order to get the work done.

Up to date and relevant

The goal of this report has been to provide an accurate picture of what it’s like to be a technical author, its highs and lows, and to provide some guidance on how to start your career as a technical author. Whilst the job can be very rewarding, it can be a challenge getting that first job. We hope this report puts you on the right path to having an enjoyable career as a technical author.

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  • In Chapter Two, we ask “What do technical authors do?”
  • In Chapter Three, we ask “How many technical authors are there?”
  • In Chapter Four, we ask “What skills do they need?”
  • In Chapter Five, we ask “How much do they earn?”
  • In Chapter Six, we look at the software tools they use
  • In Chapter Seven, we look at what to do if you have no experience
  • In Chapter Eight, we ask “Where can I get training?”
  • In Chapter Nine, we ask “What are the future prospects for technical authors?”
  • In Chapter Ten, we ask “Where do I find a job?”

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Inside this product there are:

  • More than 7,500 words of advice
  • 55 pages of content
  • Pointers to sources of further information and support
  • A key word index to help you find your way around

Special bonus – Tips and advice from other technical authors

When we surveyed Technical Authors, we asked what tips and advice would they would give to other technical communicators. We’ve included some of their responses in this report.

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A report that focuses on the UK and its IT sector

This report looks at becoming a technical author in the United Kingdom and the work carried out by technical authors within the IT sector. This report does not cover the aerospace, defence or automotive sectors.

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