The Stress of Technical Writers

In 2001, the Techwhirl Web site published a report on Stress Management for the Technical Communicator. How can writing be stressful, you may ask. They cite overload of tasks, impossible deadlines or expectations and difficulty getting information from subject matter experts (SMEs) as the main reason why it occurs. So how do they manage the stress? The most popular forms listed were physical exercise, daydreaming and meditation, having a sense of humor and drinking.

Is technical writing so stressful? I reckon there are many professions that are much more so.

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Of course there are more stressfull jobs, but it doesn’t mean that tech writing isn’t stressfull too. We are often working to very tight deadlines only to be caught up in a last minute debate over the need for certain content. As the deadline nears and there is no resolution the stress increases. When several million dollars worth of revenue is dependant on having the documentation ready and your management is pressuring you just to publish – then that doesn’t help either. Me stressed? Yes very!

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