Microsoft’s “Mark of the Web”

I just spotted this tip on Char James Tanny’s “Helpstuff” Web site.

If you develop a Web site or an HTML based Help file, and you add *any* JavaScript you get a warning message when you view the site in Internet Explorer regarding “Active Content”.

The warning implies you should change your security zone settings. However, Microsoft has provided a way to disable this message for those pages that you know are safe – The “Mark of the Web”(MOTW).

MOTW is a comment added to the head section that indicates from which Web site the content belongs.The MOTW must follow a specific format, including the number of characters in the string. If this is for a new site, or if the domain is not known, you can use “about:internet” as a valid URL.

See for more information.

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Mark Southee

Didn’t know about this and I’m developing a site for someone with plenty of javascript. This will prevent a lot of questions being asked.

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