FrameMaker 7.2 announced

Adobe has announced FrameMaker 7.2. New features include the ability to use XML schemas instead of DTDs, XSLT capabilities when converting content to or from XML and multiple undo. There’s also new structured templates and a migration guide for structured content conversion.



Cherryleaf has launched a course for anyone wanting to understand the key concepts behind DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture). DITA is an open source XML-based framework for designing and delivering well-structured content efficiently and consistently in a single-sourcing environment. It provides a standard approach for creating task-oriented information and assembling topics into books or other outputs.

DITA provides an open source, OASIS standard for supporting topic-based authoring of well structured content. DITA comprises three primary information types (concepts, tasks, and reference) that provide a structure amenable to most technical information, and provides a way of customising it for your industry’s needs.

Early-bird discounts

Since this is the launch of a new course, we are offering special prices for advanced bookings.

See for more details.

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