Technical Author Apprentice Programme – TAAP

Each year, organisations hire graduates for roles in technical authoring, courseware development, information development and user-centred design.

Since there aren’t very many academic-level courses in technical authoring in the UK, very few people entering the profession have any formal training or prior awareness of the role.

Cherryleaf’s Technical Author Apprentice Programme (TAAP) is a service that means you can hire people with technical competence and minimal work experience, and train them to be effective technical communicators.

TAAP offers training, management and mentoring to technical authors and information designers for the first year within your company. Through our recruitment service, we can also find you people looking to start a career in this field and who would be suitable to this programme.

We offer both practical experience and researched theory. You can draw on our skills in teaching part of the BA Multimedia & Communication Design course at the University of Coventry, developing corporate training courses in technical writing and technologies and our experience of running many documentation projects for clients.

Cherryleaf’s Technical Author Apprentice Programme is ideal for graduates who want to start a career in technical authoring. The programme is open to graduates and non-graduates.

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