MadCap Lingo Beta offer

Just received an email from MadCap software announcing the beta programme for their latest application, a translation tool called MadCap Lingo.

“MadCap Lingo offers an incredibly easy-to-use interface, complete Unicode support for all left-to-right languages, and a rich list of industry-first features for assisting translators throughout the localization process—including a built-in translation memory system and support for Google’s translation service.”

Features at a Glance:

XML Support
• Pure XML content creation
• All project files XML-based

Translation Memory
• Differences highlighted when new version uploaded
• Built-in translation memory system (Lingo Server)
• Connect with third-party translation memory systems

Translation Editors (side-by-side)
• Topics (visual mode or grid mode)
• TOCs
• Index keywords
• Concept keywords
• Glossaries
• Variables
• And much more!

Multi-Language Support
• Fully Unicode enabled
• Double-byte support
• Extended language support (Eastern European languages)

Ease of Use
• Translate text using integrated Google service
• Create source documentation in either MadCap Flare or MadCap Blaze
• Generate translated documentation from MadCap Flare or MadCap Blaze
• File list window (no need to guess which files require translation)
• Visual document structure display
• View and edit multiple docs simultaneously
• Customizable user interface

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Has anyone used the ‘madcap capture’ tool. How does it compare with other tools like captivate/camtasia.

We’ve been using flare and are a bit disappointed after the rave reviews (mostly by madcap we now discover). To be honest we wish we’d stuck with AuthorIT but are too far down the line.

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