Will Twitter change the way customer service is provided?

The debate about the usefulness of Twitter in User Assistance (aka technical writing) is starting to take off:

  • Charlene Kingston will be speaking at the WritersUA conference in March about integrating Twitter.
  • The Carphone Warehouse has started to use Twitter to support its users.
  • See
    Mind the gap” and guy1067 on Twitter

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    Alan J. Porter

    Great question – I believe the answer is a definite and resounding “YES.”

    At WebWorks we are already using Twitter for most of the business activities you cite in the presentation, but perhaps the biggest win is from a customer service angle. Because of Twitter we have contacted and helped customers we may never have been aware of otherwise.

    We are also doing some proof of concept work on incorporating Twitter as part of an online deliverable such as a Help set or Manual.

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