Google seeks to increase uptake of Google Wave by introducing witty user documentation

(For a list of all the other documentation and user assistance available for using Google Wave, see our post “Google Wave – A case study in 21st Century User Assistance“)

Techcrunch is reporting that Google has just published a demonstration document showing what you can do with Google Wave. It uses the American Declaration of Independence (and some added wit) as its subject matter.

According to Techcrunch:

Some of the hype over Google Wave has died down over the last few weeks, in no small part because most people have absolutely no idea how to use it (no, the 80 minute long video demo doesn’t help).

It’s good see innovations in user assistance, namely Google  using of humour and a well-known document as its example . However, it’s hard to understand why Google still hasn’t developed what might be recognised as a standard user guide (or online Help) for Google Wave. 

The challenges Google has faced in launching Google Wave highlight the dangers a no or low documentation approach pose for developers of software.


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