Will “Context is King” apply to user assistance?

Ashkan Karbasfrooshan has written an article called “Context is King: How Videos Are Found And Consumed Online“, in which he argues:

Times have changed. In fact, less and less often do consumers even seek out content by actually going to a given site.

To paraphrase Jeff Jarvis, if something is important, it will find me, be it via newsletter, Facebook, Twitter or a shared link in an email…

The context – Facebook, Twitter, email – in which people are introduced to media and consume it is becoming more important than the content itself. Content is no longer king, context is…

This is why you need both lots of content and a diversity of it.

Karbasfrooshan is talking about videos, but will the same be said about user assistance?

Today, we assume users will seek out Help and other forms of technical documentation, but will that change? Will technical communicators need to disseminate their content via an increasing number of  channels?

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