Case study:How user documentation is developed at Alfresco in an Agile environment, using wikis

This is the edited Cherryleaf interview with Briana Wherry, Information Manager of Alfresco. We discussed how user documentation is developed at Alfreso in an Agile environment, using wikis.



Sarah Maddox

Hallo Ellis and Briana,
Thank you for a very interesting interview. It’s more about DITA and Alfresco in an agile environment, rather than wikis. I really enjoyed your insight into managing such a large volume of output in such an agile environment. It was also fun to hear that you use JIRA too 😉 and that the wiki part of the documentation is maintained by the community. We have all our documentation on the wiki, maintained and monitored by the tech writers and with plentiful community input too.

Cheers, Sarah


This is an edited version, so some topics hit the cutting room floor. There will be a longer version in our yet-to-be-announced Learning Zone.

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