Ellis to speak about documentation as an emotional experience at TCUK 2010

Ellis Pratt, Sales and Marketing Director at Cherryleaf, will be speaking at this year’s Technical Communication UK conference on “Documentation as an emotional experience for the user”.

Many organisations are starting to look at creating a ‘customer experience strategy’. This is management-speak for generating customer advocacy, brand loyalty and an emotional attachment to a product or company. So do those writing technical documentation need to adapt to these changes?

In this presentation, we’ll look at how users have, over time, changed the way they use technology – how we’ve moved from an era of creating, to an era of connecting and onto one of belonging. We’ll ask, should technical documentation also help people do more than assist someone to complete a task? Can you write technical documentation that also provides users with a more emotional experience? If so, how should you do it?

The conference will be held on 21-23 September 2010 at the Oxford Belfry hotel, near Thame in Oxfordshire. Ellis is provisionally booked to speak 14.00-14.40 on Wednesday 22nd September, and he’ll be around for the whole of the main conference (22nd & 23rd).

As we’ll be looking at engagement and feeling involved, we’d like you to get involved in this presentation. What particular aspects would you like Ellis to cover? What do you think about the concept of making documentation a more emotional experience for the user?

Let us know your thoughts.


Bill Kerschbaum

…I think writing to engage the user emotionally is really valuable for tech writing, and opens up all sorts of possibilities for a business.

Hope your presentation goes great. This is a wonderful topic.

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