Report reveals Cherryleaf has Europe’s most influential blog on technical communication

Mindtouch has published a report on the Most Influential Technical Communicator Bloggers. Cherryleaf’s blog, managed by Cherryleaf’s Sales and Marketing director Ellis Pratt, comes in at No.5, and is the highest ranking blog located outside of the USA.

The purpose of this blog is to explore the value of technical documentation in all its forms. We’re asking “how we can be more effective and more efficient in what we deliver for our customers and their users?”, and “how can we best demonstrate and measure the value of what we do?”. Judging by this report, these issues are of interest to others as well.


Haitham Razagui

Congratulations are in order! Since Mindtouch published the list there has been a lot of discussion about what makes blogs influential. I think if you provide helpful, informative and most importantly, inspiring content on your blog then you are sure to influence people. Then again, can influence actually be measured?

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