Speaker profile page for Ellis Pratt

As we’re being invited to speak at an increasing number of conferences, meetings and events, we’ve added a speaker profile page for Ellis Pratt to the Cherryleaf Web site.

Ranked the most influential blogger on technical communication in Europe, Ellis Pratt is a specialist in the field of creating knowledge users will love.

Presentations include:

  • Getting the “document monkey” off your back
  • Documentation as an emotional experience for the user
  • What can other professions teach us about the future for Support and Technical Documentation?
  • Ten trends in technical communication for 2010 and beyond
  • Goodbye to writing user manuals; hello to creating and sharing knowledge
  • Building a successful career as a technical communicator
  • Recruiting a Technical Author
  • Delivering documentation in a downturn
  • The Social Web – 5 key steps for business success
  • Why won’t anyone RTFM?

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