“How to write instructions” – our second Kindle ebook experiment.

We’ve just published our second ebook, called “How to write instructions“. It’s currently priced at just £2.83.

How to write instructions

This short, concise guide explains how to write instructions, policies and procedures. Written by members of the projects team at technical writing services specialists Cherryleaf Ltd, this book is for anyone who needs assistance in writing instructions for users and is unfamiliar with technical writing best practice. Containing 4,250 words, its aim is to provide you with the key information you need to get started on writing your documents quickly and efficiently.

There are a number of books on technical writing, but most of them are comprehensive rather than concise. Many people just don’t have the time to read books that big. No-one seemed to be offering a low-cost, concise book on technical writing.

Publishing to Kindle offers a easy way to conduct market research. You can test which topics are the most popular, what is the best price to set, without the expenses normally associated with print publishing. We hope people will buy it, like it and find it useful.

How to write instructions


Jenna Moore

I would love to hear more about the Kindle conversion process. What is involved in prepping a guide for Kindle publishing? Are there pitfalls of which to be aware?


Essentially, you need to upload a .prc or mobi file. There are a number of free tools that will create these from a simple HTML file, a cover image jpeg and a second HTML Table of Contents file. The biggest challenge is getting the tables to look ok. Sarah O’Keefe has blogged about this on the Scriptorium blog. If you use Word, you’ll end up with an HTML file full of bloated code, so it’s best to use a tool that can produce clean HTML code. You also need a good reviewer or editor to spot any typos and other errors you’ve made.

Alan Forsyth

Ellis – any chance of getting an ePub version of the book? I’d be glad to get it to read it on my phone (Android).


Alan Forsyth

Sorry – looks like I’m behind the times. I can get the free ‘Kindle for Android’ app to read it — great! 🙂

Lisa Reeve

Is this still available? The link doesn’t work for me, and when I try googling it, all I get is this blog post.

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