Our Kindle publishing experiment

We’re carrying out an experiment in publishing guides as Kindle ebooks. We’ve updated and uploaded our “Network to get Work” guide, which has been published today on Amazon UK and Amazon.com for £2.12 and $3.45 respectively.

There were two primary reasons for doing this.

Firstly, we wanted to test how easy it is to publish to the Kindle Publishing platform. The main thing to note about publishing to the Kindle platform: don’t let your book go near Microsoft Word. You need a clean and simple HTML file to convert. The other thing to note is the Kindle ebook version looks a LOT nicer than a PDF version.

Secondly, we wanted to test the economic benefits of this approach. We’d previously sold this as a self study guide, via our web site, for £20, so we wanted to see what impact there would be if we reduced the price and promoted it on the Amazon Kindle platform. There are tales of a 26 year old making $100K/month from her self-published vampire Kindle novels. Amazon offers 70% royalties, so the return is about the same as if you went through a publisher.

We’ll let you know how we get on.

And finally, feel free to purchase this book -it’s good!



Day 2 of Kindle experiment
Sales to date: 3 Kindle ranking: #4,583
Reviews: 0 Ratings: 0
Earnings £3
Typos spotted and fixed: 3

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