QR Tags – coming to your local Technical Author soon

We have been talking about the potential for using QR Tags since 2009, so it is great to see that MadCap Software has announced Flare version 7 will include QR Tag capabilities.

MadCap states:

In an online and searchable document, it is easy to include hyperlinks, URLs, etc., for users to access more information, but how do you enable this from a print document? With QR codes, authors can empower their users in ways never before possible, by giving them access to more relevant, actionable and up to date content wherever and whenever they need it, directly from any print document.

  1. Instead of creating a large manual with hundreds of pages, create a Quick Start guide with fewer pages. At the bottom of each page, step, topic, or procedure, add a QR code that allows users to access more detailed information online.
  2. For users out in the field that need access to updated information, include codes in printed manuals that direct them to the needed content in your Help system.
  3. You have a printed procedures manual with QR codes that, when scanned, link to movies showing the procedures in action.
  4. For external communication, include a QR code at the bottom of a document that takes them straight to a website where they can purchase a particular part or product.

Making predictions is a risky business – it’s possible to look back at our posts and see if our predictions have been spot on or widely off the mark. We believe it gives prospective clients some assurance we know what we’re talking about.

It’s a learning process. Do tell us if you agree or disagree with any of our predictions or if you think we’ve missed a trend.

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