Cherryleaf Technical Author survey 2011 – in figures

Last month, we conducted an online survey that 226 Technical Authors completed. 31 respondents were freelance contractors, whom we’ve excluded from our analysis. Here are some of the significant figures from the survey.

Technical Authors measuring the ROI value of their output: 7%

The most common measure was to quantify the value of avoided calls to the Support department. Furthermore, it appeared few Technical Authors (or their managers) were measuring anything relating to the deliverables at all.

Technical Authors who have User Generated Content in their User Assistance: 12%

Many felt they didn’t have a big enough user base; they doubted users would contribute if they were to provide this capability.

Technical Authors who know how many users read their documentation: 10%

Those that knew were using Web analytics to measure the number of people reading and/or downloading the documentation. Another 8% felt they could make a good guess. The remaining 82% didn’t know.

Technical Authors who are using Social Media in their User Assistance: 5%

Most were using Twitter, followed by use of wikis and then Facebook.

Technical Authors who know how much user documentation content they have: 95%

Most Technical Authors felt they had a pretty good idea how much content had been created as User Assistance.


We’ll be publishing more findings tomorrow and the day after.

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