Fancy attending the STC Summit 2013 for free?

We have a ticket to the STC Summit 2013 that needs to go to a good home.

The STC Summit conference has over 80 education sessions on technical communication, organised in seven tracks. It will be held between the 6th-8th May. There is also an exposition, with more than 50 companies represented. Ticket prices normally cost between $900-$1,400, depending on when you book (although students willing to help out can get in for a couple of hundred dollars).

The catches? They are:

  • Food, travel and accommodation are not included in the ticket. There are no restrictions on where you stay or, we believe, eat.
  • The conference is being held in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • We want the ticket to go to someone who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend the conference. For example, someone who is a student or teacher in technical communication, who is unemployed (or has recently been unemployed), or who works for a charity. You don’t need to be a STC member.
  • You can’t pass or sell it on to anyone else.
  • There’s only one ticket available.

If you’d like the ticket, then send us an email, in confidence, with a couple of lines explaining why you wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend the conference. We’ll pick someone randomly from the respondents, and send your details to Elaine Gilliam at the STC so she can register you as an attendee. We won’t reveal who has received the ticket (unless you’d like us to do so).

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