Vlogging – the next stage in technical communication

Oh my Vlog magazine coverAnyone with children or teenagers will be aware of the popularity of video bloggers, or vloggers. Their videos on YouTube rack up thousands of hits, and there is even a magazine dedicated to the activity.

Many vloggers provide instructional information, such as makeup tips, so it should be no surprise that some have moved on to more technical subjects, such as Zoella’s guide to Swagger API, and Alfie’s hints’n’tips for Eclipse configuration.

Due to the high high fees they command, partnering with the most popular vloggers is only feasible for large organisations with big budgets, such as Apple, Google and IBM.

For smaller companies, the best option is to create a vlog using their own internal staff. To help those Technical Authors wanting to create a vlog for their content, you’ll find below links to some free background images you can use in your videos, to give that recorded-in-the-bedroom feel. Simply record your instructional video with a “green screen” background, and use the chroma-key feature in Camtasia or Captivate to replace it with one of the vlogging backgrounds below.

The Zeb:

vlog background 1

The Zoe:

Vlog bedroom

The PewPew:


If you’d like to obtain the complete “technical communication vlog collection pack”, simply contact us via email.

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craig wright

Why not just film it in an actual bedroom and make it more authentic? Faking a bedroom background seems odd to me. It might be quicker than tidying a messy bedroom though.

June Harton

It always amazes me how well field celebrates this day…

craig wright

And yet everyone has a nap at work 🙂

I just think that if you are making ‘work’ videos, make the background a work background. If it is homemade, use a real room. Faking it seems like a corporate attempt to hijack the homemade appeal. Keep it real.

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