Using RoboHelp 2017 for company procedures – Quick review

We’ve been setting our staff the challenge of using some of the popular Help Authoring tools to create online company documents.

We asked them to make some notes on the applications they used. Here are some of the notes relating to RoboHelp 2017:

“Straightforward to use. Easy to import the content.

The responsive web templates supplied with it are nice looking and easy to customise. The layout editor has images that help you identify easily which stylesheet elements to change.

The search and replace didn’t change everything I wanted. I don’t know if I was using it incorrectly.

When you press the build/generate button, you have to wait until that process has finished before you can do anything else.

The output it creates produces folders that are all in lowercase, apart from one. If you need to manually create the folders on your website, this can catch you out. It did me.

The ability for users to filter content is really useful. You can filter content so it only relates to a country, a job role, pre and post brexit, etc. Obviously, you need to markup the document, and know where these conditions should apply.”

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