Free mini online training course – Planning policies and procedures documentation

We’ve been developing some free mini online training courses. These are currently in a “preview” state, as we’re still working on the documentation to go with the videos. The videos are complete, and ready to view.

One of the online courses looks at policies and procedures:

This free course looks at the common issues around planning and writing policies and procedures, and how to fix them.

  • Part One looks at the common issues with policies and procedures.
  • Part Two looks at the features of good policies and procedures.
  • In Part Three, we describe part of our framework for planning and developing policies and procedure .
  • In Part Four, you’ll discover the actions to take that best suit your needs.

The content is delivered over a period of five days:

  • Part One: Immediately after you enrol
  • Part Two: 2 days after you enrol
  • Part Three: 4 days after you enrol
  • Part Four: 5 days after you enrol

If you want to know more about this topic, you can do so by attending our our Policies and procedures writing training course, which is held in central London.

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