In five words, sum up your user documentation/user assistance

We posted a question on LinkedIn and Twitter, “In five words, sum up your user documentation/user assistance”. Here are the replies we received:

Utpal Bhatt
Technically correct, complete, searchable example


Andrew Lastrina
Structured, concise, translatable, unrepetitive, transformable


Dr Meghashri Dalvi
Get more out of it!


Aruna Panangipally
Makes you effective and efficient!


Shweta Gaur
Keep it crisp and clear…


Amrita Chatterjee
Collaborative documentation easing user adoption


Craig Wright – Tech Writer
‏Who, why, when, how, consequences.


Alan Houser
Hmmmm….”task-oriented, audience-appropriate minimalist”?

What can we take from this? I think it shows that Technical Authors are interested in efficiency – creating content in an efficient way, and giving users the information they need in an efficient way.

What are the five words you would use? And, do you spot a common theme?

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