New technical copywriting training – course now open

We’ve just released a new online course – on technical copywriting.

Learn how to write create clear and effective copy for software and other technical products.

When you’ve been given the task of writing marketing content, the content you create can have a great impact on how many people take an interest in your company. It also affects how many sign up to what you’re offering them.

Cherryleaf’s online technical copywriting training course teaches you how to write clear and effective marketing copy, in a straightforward and efficient way. Let us share with you the best practices we’ve developed for writing copy for software (SaaS and desktop) and other technical products.

You don’t have to be from a technical background to benefit from this course – it’s great for other people involved in copywriting, too. In fact, this course is for anyone involved in writing marketing copy for software, technical products and services, and who:

  • Is unsure where to start, and which topics to include
  • Wants a framework they can use to guide them through the process of writing great content
  • Wants to have a way of checking they are doing it right
  • Wants to learn the latest techniques in copywriting
  • Is unhappy with the performance of their copy
  • Wants to write better, more effective content

We’re going to start with an initial pilot course for a small group. For more details, see Technical copywriting training course.

The price will go up for the subsequent courses, so don’t miss out on this offer.

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