Using flowcharts to help juries make decisions in court cases

Spotted this post on Twitter yesterday:

I’ve just seen this, courtesy of @kirkkorner. It’s the “route to verdict” given to the #BenStokes jury, setting out all the issues they had to consider. More courts should publish these in high-profile cases; they’re invaluable in helping the public understand the law. — The Secret Barrister (@BarristerSecret) 14 August 2018

Route to verdict diagram

This relates to a criminal court case, where a jury had to decide whether an England cricketer was Guilty or Not Guilty of affray. The flowchart was given to the jury members (i.e. members of the public) to help them understand how this decision in law is reached.

According to @BarristerSecret, judges are expected to produce “route to verdict’ guides in all but the most straightforward of cases.

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