Improving the Technical Author/technical writing training course

We were told last month that the ISTC has renewed the accreditation of our Technical Author/technical writing training course. As part of the accreditation process, the course is reviewed every two years by a panel, who provide feedback on the course.

However, to our embarrassment, the reviewers mentioned we’d misspelt two of words that appear in the videos and slide notes. So, in the past few weeks, we’ve been re-recording all of the videos and updating the course notes. From today, delegates will see the revised content when they log onto the course.

The new videos have been recorded in high definition, with better sound and smoother transitions between video cuts.

We have better recording equipment today than we had when we last recorded the videos. We now have a better green screen background in the recording studio. The green screen background enables us to remove the background in post-production (“chroma key compositing”). This means we can make the videos look cleaner and more professional looking. We also have better digital audio recording equipment – the same as we use for the podcasts.

One other thing to mention – we’ve not changed the price of the course.



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