Two mobile apps of interest

Here’s a couple of mobile apps that might interest you.

SoundNote (IoS)

SoundNote tracks what you type and draw while recording audio. When you are playing back your recording, if you tap a word, SoundNote will jump straight to that point in the audio. You can share your text, drawings, and audio notes via email, or transfer them to your Mac or PC.

soundnote screenshot


It’s not a common task for technical communicators, but if you need to generate citations, you might want to take a look at EasyBib.

“Automatically cite books, journal articles, and websites just by entering in the titles or URLs. Format citations in MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, and over 7K other styles. When you’re finished creating your bibliography, click Generate Bibliography and we’ll alphabetize your citations and add them to the end of your paper.”

You can also scan a book’s barcode with your phone’s camera.

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