Learn to write clearly by taking the same technical writing courses that Google engineers take

Google has developed two technical writing classes that it has delivered to thousands of its own staff. Cherryleaf can teach your developers using Google’s own courseware, together with the option of additional training materials that we have developed independently.

There are two courses:

  • Technical Writing for Developers Part One
    • This covers the critical basics of technical writing. It teaches you how to write clearer technical documentation.
  • Technical Writing for Developers Part Two
    • This covers intermediate topics in technical writing and communication. It teaches topics such as creating sample code, tutorials, images and diagrams.

Both courses will improve your technical writing skills. You’ll gain confidence you’re approaching each writing project in the right way, and creating content that follows best practice.

Technical Writing for Developers Part One and Technical Writing for Developers Part Two are available as classroom courses. They also include some online, pre-class, teaching materials.

Cherryleaf trainers can teach the courses in the UK and across mainland Europe.

For more details, see: Technical writing for developers training course

Coming soon: Technical writing for developers elearning course

For individuals who are not able to attend classroom courses, we are developing, independently of Google, a technical writing for developers e-learning course. This will comprise recorded videos, exercises (with the option to send them to us for feedback), checklists, and framework documents.

It will be available to people living around the world.

If you’d like updates on when this course will be released, use the form below:

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