We’re presenting a breakfast webinar on 2nd July

Ellis will be presenting a webinar, in conjunction with tekom Österreich (Austria), on 2nd July, 09:45 – 10:45 CEST:

“The global pandemic, caused by the Corona virus, has given a real turbo boost to the issue of digitalization and the use of modern technologies.

Due to extensive restrictions, technical writers were also forced to find (new) ways to collaborate. After all, the pandemic did not suddenly eliminate data protection regulations and conjure up IT infrastructures. The big challenge was to quickly find a way suitable for the situation. Especially due to the fact that the work in technical writing departments is based on effective communication with information providers and information sources, many technical writers found themselves faced with unforeseen challenges.

But how did technical writers deal with it, or how can they deal with it?
For some it’s business as usual. For others, it’s ‘Welcome to a new world of collaboration’.

What challenges do technical writers face in the world of online collaboration? How can online collaboration in technical writing work and be optimally set up? Which rules have to be observed? What can we learn from those who are already used to doing much of their collaboration online?

There are many questions for which there probably is no ‘model solution’, but there are many usable approaches. These questions and challenges will be addressed in the next Experts’ Breakfast on the topic: Online-Collaboration in Technical Writing.

Due to the current situation around the corona virus, this Experts’ Breakfast will take place online. We’re very pleased to hold this event with international experts who will share their experience with us. Therefore, the event will be held primarily in English.”

It’s free of charge for members and interested parties.

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