Every Sherlock Holmes needs his Watson (or Molly)

Sherlock wallpaper image from The Consulting Detective blog

Series 3 of Sherlock has just started on BBC One in the UK. As nearly everyone knows, Sherlock Holmes is a genius consulting detective. Yet, as the saying goes, every Sherlock Holmes needs his Watson (or, in the first episode of this series, needs his Molly).

Sherlock Holmes is only a part of a pair, and his partner (Dr John Watson or Dr Molly Hooper) is as an important factor in his success. Watson observes and translates Holmes’s genius so that others can understand and follow. He asks the questions on our behalf. He also has skills that Holmes lacks – technical knowledge (about medicine) and social skills. Watson is nobody’s fool.

In another situation (such as working in a software company), we might call Dr Watson a technical communicator, don’t you think?

Happy 2014 – we wish you (and ourselves) a productive and communicative new year.

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