Script theory in technical communication

In the latest episode of the 10-Minute Tech Comm podcast, Ryan Weber talks to Kirk St. Amant about script theory and prototypes, as concepts for researching User Experience. They discuss Kirk’s article “Of Scripts and Prototypes: A Two-Part Approach to User Experience Design for International Contexts“, which was published in Intercom and is also available on

Script theory examines patterns of action in particular contexts. It proposes individuals often plan their behaviour in a context based upon what they expect to take place in that context. These factors influence a person’s expectations of usability in each setting.

Script theory could be useful in understanding people’s view and expectations towards technical documentation. It might also help us reframe User Assistance when it is used in different contexts, such as when it is delivered via chatbots. Sometimes, people have prejudices against user guides. These may not be there if the content was delivered in a different context.

Incorporating the Stripe API look and feel into a MadCap Flare project

Back in July, we looked at creating an API documentation portal using MadCap Flare (see also: Example of API documentation portal using MadCap Flare) .

We done some further testing. We’ve created two new examples for  API documentation that had been generated with the Stripe API look and feel and imported into Flare:

To compare the two, here is the standard “Stripe API” left-hand Table of Contents when imported into Flare.

We’ve not made any changes to the default Heading styles from the source files. The stylesheets would needed to be modified to make them consistent with the styles used on the other HTML pages in the project.

Ellis speaking at W2U Conference 2017

Cherryleaf’s Ellis Pratt will be speaking at the Write2Users Conference 2017 , which is being held 1-3 November at Copenhagen Zoo.

“The mission is to give attendees new skills for their day-to-day work with technical documentation and translation. You will learn about process optimization, new methodologies and new technologies. All delivered by industry experts, in-house specialists and practitioners from Scandinavia and abroad.”

Ellis will be speaking on “Agile in an Authoring World”.

New technical communication laptop stickers

The technical communication Venn diagram laptop stickers we created have been very popular. We’ve ordered more of them, and we’ve created some new designs. The new stickers have quotations from some of the people we’ve interviewed on the Cherryleaf podcast.

laptop sticker with quotation

The stickers should arrive by the end of the month. Like before, we’ll post them off to anyone based in Europe who wants them.