Flare, Training and new technologies

We aim to reflect the trends in new technologies and tools in the training courses that we offer. We recently introduced a training course on DITA Darwin Information Typing Architecture, and today we’ve announced a training course for Madcap Software’s Flare. Flare is a new Help authoring tool from the former developers of RoboHelp. We’ll… Read more »

An Introduction to DITA XML

Cherryleaf has launched a course for anyone wanting to understand the key concepts behind DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture). DITA is an open source XML-based framework for designing and delivering well-structured content efficiently and consistently in a single-sourcing environment. It provides a standard approach for creating task-oriented information and assembling topics into books or other… Read more »

Will Barclays Bank really be making things clearer for us?

The BBC has reported that Barclays Bank is moving away from “the arcane language that has be-devilled bank customers for generations”. The bank said it wants to move away from confusing acronyms and jargon, using “more colloquial” terms instead. Jim Hytner, Barclays’ marketing director, said: “We will be using language that everyone knows and understands”…. Read more »

ROI of software quality

If you are looking to justify software testing and quality, then these two reports may help: The Economic Impacts of Inadequate Infrastructure for Software Testing The ROI from Software Quality – An Executive Briefing