FrameMaker 7.2 announced

Adobe has announced FrameMaker 7.2. New features include the ability to use XML schemas instead of DTDs, XSLT capabilities when converting content to or from XML and multiple undo. There’s also new structured templates and a migration guide for structured content conversion.

Scoping documentation projects

I’ve been invited to do a talk on “Documentation project planning and metrics – accurate costing and reporting for technical publications projects.” It’s always interesting to discover all the differnt ways that people tackle this issue. JoAnn Hackos’ method seems to be the most popular method, but scoping can still be seen as an art… Read more »


As we move from summer into autumn, it’s still a surprise to think that there are just 15 weeks to go until those Christmas deadlines.

Our networking event in London

Autumn’s in the air so join us and your fellow technical communicators in toasting the end of summer. Our last networking event was a great success and we’re hoping to organise them on a regular basis. If you missed the last one here’s an opportunity for you to share your ideas, thoughts and problems with… Read more »

Concordia University is looking for participants for a university study

One of the most vexing questions facing managers who produce learning and communication materials for the workplace is: “How can I demonstrate that my department does quality work, so our employer continues to invest in this work?” This study, conducted by a researcher from Concordia University, is intended to shed some insights into this. The… Read more »