We’ll be presenting at the tekom conference

Justin Darley will be at the tekom conference in Wiesbaden, Germany (9-11 November 2005). He’s been invited to make two presentations at the conference. There, tekom will be presenting the findings from its survey into the use of content management systems (CMS) by technical communicators. Apparently, of the 717 German companies surveyed, more than half… Read more »

“No one in 2005 should be documenting screens”

JoAnn Hackos has started a good debate on the STC Management SIG discussions list by stating: “No one in 2005 should be documenting screens. The purpose of customer documentation is to support users and help them to reach their goals. That means that we understand the tasks that they need to perform to be successful…. Read more »

Doc-To-Help 2005 due out in August

ComponentOne will release Doc-To-Help 2005 on the 1st August. New features include the ability to use any HTML editor, import filters for RoboHelp and other HTML Help projects and NetHelp (a Web based Help system à la ForeHelp’s NetHelp). The Enterprise edition will include Doc-To-Help Markup Language and FrontPage Integration. NetHelp is a certainly welcome… Read more »

HTML Help no longer works on a LAN

In our July newsletter, we mentioned that Microsoft had released a new version of HTML Help, in order to address a security issue. Unfortunately, the update has major implications for running HTML Help(.CHM) files across a network. A .CHM file can now only be viewed if it is located on your local hard disk. The… Read more »

Cherryleaf club moves into Beta

The Cherryleaf club – for exchange, mentoring and training – moved into the user acceptance testing phase today (18 July). We will be inviting our founder members to use and test the system over the forthcoming weeks, and the signing-on instructions should be emailed out towards the end of this week. Members will be initially… Read more »